Contract Law and corporate Law

BDA-Société d'avocats can offer its services at every stage of a company's life whether for commercial, civil or even listed companies. The firm deals with legal and statutory matters and obligations for companies constitution, regular governance (board meetings, shareholders meetings..), or long term financing operations (restructuring operations, partial business contributions, mergers, demergers, ..).

The firm handles legal aspects of management structures, drawing up shareholders agreements and ensuring their application when dealing with acquisition or transfer operations (M&A).

On a more general basis, the firm draws up most of the legal acts of the corporate world: commercial agreements, commercial leases, exploitation licenses,..

In capital investment transaction (company transfer or take over, LBOs, Spin-off, etc), the firm assists its client, (vendor or potential buyer) in all stages of the merger/acquisition process in order to define the project structuring and adequate financing tools, from due diligence to completion stages of the legal and financial arrangements.(transfer agreement, warranties agreements, non competition clause,..)